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  • Spanky's Awesome Story from the forums of the punk-o-matic.  Not finished yet, but I might put some more parts later.

September 4th 2012

FINALLY! After months of wait, you can finally download Spanky Revolution's fourth POM2 LP, Tempête Écarlate! This new album features a darker sound than anything we have ever done before. This time, we really let ourselves go in directions we barely dared to touch before. Overall, this album can be seen as a loosely concept album. There is no real story behind the album, but this time, we tried to make a more homogene album, with a carefully crafted introduction and a grand finale. You will find some mosh pit gems and you will find some experimental along the way. Anyways, we think it will be a nice album to get through Fall and Winter. Have fun!


September 2nd 2012                                                                                

RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCED! Tempête Écarlate will come out Tuesday, September 4th in the evening at Cookies & Biscuits Records. Be sure to catch it up! 


August 7th 2012                                                                                                         

After massive touring, intense studio time and a whole fucking lot of hangovers (seriously, we totally lost it every night for a month or two), we are finally ready to present you guys some new material! The new album, Tempête Écarlate, will be out really, really soon. Now I know some of you can't wait to listen to the new album, which will feature a more dark, gloomy sound with more experimental parts and complex stuff, but you will need to wait until the end of the month. Meanwhile, you can already DOWNLOAD THE FIRST SINGLE here and at our label for exactly 0$ !!! The song is called "Speak White" and comes with a new music video, which you can find in the video section.

October 19th 2011                                                                                  

Fans of Spanky Revolution, be sure to grab the brand new Best Of album! 16 tracks from the whole career of Spanky Revolution, from "Snowstorm" to "Loverdose. The album includes POM1 songs, POM2 songs and non-pom songs from all 6 LPs and from the EP "You Won't Know" as well as the smash hit "Lips Like Cancer", which is album exclusive. Be sure to get your copy now!

June 30th 2011                                                                                                                 


Finally, after about 6 months of delay, Poneycore, our third POM2 LP, is out for you to download!! This brand new album contains 10 fabulous tracks, including an unreleased collab with Dudes with Greay pants (Superkowz) and Into Avoca (Nocturne) as well as one collab with Z3nest3r and one with Spectre's band "Pay the Price". The album also includes the hits "Loverdose" and "Prove 'em Wrong"!!! And even thought he album has one track less than We Won't Die, the album is still 30 seconds longer, for a total runtime of 36:30. You can therefore download the album in the music section or at my profile on Cookies & Biscuits Records. Enjoy!


June 23rd 2011

You fools, you taught this site was dead? You must know by now that we pretty much only update it once in a month when albums are about to come out and guess what: PONEYCORE IS COMING! Now this time, it WILL happen, unlike the Deluxe edition fo WWD that was a big fail (sadly). SO YES! Poneycore is going to come out on June 30th 2011. We yet have to do the mixing, but if we take in consideration we mixed We Won't Die in one night, we should be okay. Thing is that we are still waiting for our songs to get converted in separate tracks so we can start it out. So, Poneycore will be a 10 songs LP. Right from the start, we knew we wanted to make a 10 songs album. We actually wanted a 10 songs album on We Won't Die but we failed to it at last minute (though we don't regret it). So we just pulled it out this time the right way and now we are just about ready to release out this third POM2 LP.

Meanwhile, we would like to announce that WE HAVE A NEW MUSIC VIDEO OUT!!! Hell yes! "Loverdose" is the first music video for you bro's and ho's of this world! 1080p of pure Poneycore in your face for about 2:06! 


May 31st 2011    

Surprise, Surprise! There is now a brand new single album for you to download! Another We Won't Die single you say? Fuck no, we are now moving on to a new LP, "Poneycore", so it's about time we release a single for it! "With the Spankys" contains two tracks: "Prove 'em Wrong" that will appear on Poneycore and "Emergency', a song we've composed with Chris of Suicide by Spoon. It was a really cool song actually to record in studio with the guys of SBS... Oh! And the cover is fucking amazing hehe! The cover itself, we can't say it has a lot to do with the music, but we were always fascinated by the 60's bands (and the 2000's comeback of that style) where all the members of a band were dressed up the same and were everyone was fucking high... Oh the good days...


April 20th 2011

Big news guys, there are now TWO Spanky Revolution websites! So from now on, this site will only be for punk-o-matic 2 stuff. Meanwhile, there is a new site for my non punk-o-matic projects, like for Tonight Is the Night. I will keep giving you updates here about non punk-o-matic stuff, but I won't post all my albums here. Tonight Is the Night will stay here for you to download though. :) 

In the same vein of ideas, there will be a new EP for non-punk-o-matic songs called "You Won't Know" that will come out on my new website on April 23rd 2011! Yup, that's exactly one year after Tonight Is the Night! The album contains possibly my last songs ever with Fruity Loops Studios 9. I want to work on Cubase from now on... You can already listen the album on my new site though :P 

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